The Guide to Understanding Jersey City Street Cleaning Rules

Are you tired of getting parking tickets in Jersey City for violating street cleaning rules? Do you find yourself constantly confused about the days and times when street cleaning is enforced on your block? We’ve compiled all the essential information about Jersey City street cleaning rules to help you avoid fines and keep your car safe. From how to read signs to which neighborhoods have alternate side parking, we’ve got everything covered. 

What is Jersey City Street Cleaning?

Jersey City street cleaning is one of the many services that the city provides to its residents. The street cleaning service is operated by a private contractor and is funded through fines and assessments. Jersey City’s street cleaning regulations are designed to maintain a clean and safe city.

Street cleaning in Jersey City occurs twice per week on Monday and Friday, excluding holidays. Street sweeping is done using a front-end loader with a vacuum cleaner attached at the back. All debris, including leaves, flowers, dirt, and snow must be removed from the roadway surface. Potholes must also be filled in as necessary. Failure to comply can result in a fine of $100 for the first offense and $200 for each subsequent offense within 24 hours of the first offense.

In order to reduce the number of vehicles on the roadways, drivers are asked to use alternate routes when possible during peak traffic times. In addition, residents are urged to empty their trash cans before Street Cleaning dates so that crews have less work to do during their visit.

Types of Street Cleaning

There are three types of street cleaning in City: scheduled, emergency, and special collection.

Scheduled Cleaning: This type of cleaning is done on a regular basis and is typically done by the city’s public works department. These cleanings can include sweeping, hauling debris, and cleaning gutters.

Emergency Cleaning: This type of cleaning is done when there is an accident or if the city deems it necessary. This includes cleaning up hazardous materials and debris from the involved area.

Special Collection: This type of cleaning is done for specific events or occasions such as Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Election Day.

How Often Should Street Cleaning Be Done in City?

Street cleaning in Jersey City is regulated by the Department of Public Works and operates on a schedule that varies based on the type of street. The following are general guidelines for when street cleaning should take place:
At the beginning of each month, all streets in the city are cleaned using a rotary broom.

On weekdays, arterial streets (those with a population over 10,000) are cleaned twice a day, while residential streets are cleaned once every three days.

On Saturdays, arterial streets are cleaned twice and residential streets are cleaned once.

On Sundays, arterial streets are cleaned once and residential streets are notcleaned.

Equipment and Supplies Needed for Street Cleaning in City

Street cleaning in City is regulated by the city’s Department of Public Works and Utilities. The rules for street cleaning are primarily enforced through the issuance of tickets. In order to properly clean the streets, street cleaners must have the appropriate equipment and supplies.

The following are items that street cleaners in City may need:
-Lawn mower with cutting deck: This is the most important tool for cleaning sidewalks and streets.
-Brooms, dustpans, rakes, and shovels: Street cleaners use these tools to remove debris from roads and sidewalks. Read more…
-Paint or sealant: Street cleaners use this material to cover potholes or damage caused by weathering.


Jersey City street cleaning is a necessary service that keeps our city clean, but it can be confusing to know the rules. In this guide, we have outlined the basics of street cleaning in City so that you can understand what is required of you and when to call for help. Knowing the rules will make your experience as a resident or businesses owner much easier, and we hope that this guide has helped you understand everything you need to know about street cleaning in City.

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