The Jake Bongiovi Age: A Look into the Life of Jon Bon Jovi’s

When your father is a rock icon, it can be hard to step out of his shadow. But Jake Bongiovi, son of Jon Bon Jovi, is carving out his own path in life. Born into fame and fortune, the young man has already made waves in the world of football and business. Today we’re taking a closer look at the Jake Bongiovi age – who he is, where he came from and what’s next for this rising star. Get ready to discover the fascinating life of Jon Bon Jovi’s son!

The Jake Bongiovi Age: A Look into the Life of Jon Bon Jovi’s Son

Jake Bongiovi’s Early Life

Born in 2002, jake bongiovi Age is 21 Jake Bongiovi is the youngest son of Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley. The family has always been based in New Jersey, where they lead a relatively low-key lifestyle compared to other celebrity families.

Growing up, Jake was like any other kid – he loved sports and spending time with his friends. But as the son of one of the biggest rock stars on the planet, it wasn’t long before he found himself thrust into the spotlight.

Jake Bongiovi’s Education

Despite his family’s wealth and influence, education has always been a top priority for Jake. He attended Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn before moving on to study at Syracuse University.

While at Syracuse, Jake became involved in football – just like his father did back when he was a student-athlete at St Joseph High School in Metuchen. Playing as a walk-on wide receiver for the Orange team has clearly shown that talent runs through their veins!

Jon Bon Jovi and Jake Bongiovi’s Relationship

Throughout all these years of success and fame surrounding Jon Bon Jovi’s career; he never lost sight of what truly mattered: being there for his family! And this is apparent from how close-knit their relationship appears to be.

From attending football games together to supporting each other’s endeavors outside music – including business ventures such as Hampton Water Wine Co., in which both father and son are co-founders – it’s clear that Jon continues to be an integral part of his son’s life.


As we look towards the future, it will be interesting to see what lies ahead for Jake Bongiovi. With his impressive academic achievements and budding football career already under his belt, there seems little doubt that this young man will continue making waves wherever life takes him next.

Jake Bongiovi’s Early Life

Jake Bongiovi was born on September 19, 2003, in the United States. He is the son of Jon Bon Jovi and Dorothea Hurley. As a child, Jake grew up with music all around him as his father was a famous musician himself.

Despite being raised by famous parents, Jake had a relatively normal childhood. His parents always made sure he had a sense of privacy and that his life wasn’t constantly under media scrutiny.

Growing up, Jake enjoyed playing sports such as football and lacrosse. He attended Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn where he played for their varsity football team.

As someone who comes from an affluent family, it’s not surprising that Jake has been exposed to travel at an early age too. On various occasions, he has been spotted traveling with the family to different parts of Europe.Jake Bongiovi’s Education

Jake Bongiovi’s Education has been an interesting journey for the young man. He attended Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from high school in 2019, he decided to continue his studies at Syracuse University.

At Syracuse, Jake pursued a degree in Sports Management and Marketing. This was not a surprise considering his love for sports which was evident during his time at Poly Prep where he played both football and lacrosse.

During his time at Syracuse University, Jake also became involved with the school’s radio station where he hosted a show called “The Unpaid Interns”. The show discussed college sports and featured interviews with athletes and coaches.

Despite being the son of one of rock music’s biggest icons, Jake seems to have remained focused on his education. It is clear that he values learning as evidenced by how much effort he puts into it.

Jon Bon Jovi and Jake Bongiovi’s Relationship

Jon Bon Jovi and Jake Bongiovi share a special bond that goes beyond their familial ties. Despite being one of the biggest names in rock music, Jon has always put his family first, taking an active interest in his children’s lives.

Jake is no exception. He has been spotted accompanying his father on tours and at events, showcasing the close relationship they share. As a result, Jake has grown up with strong values instilled by Jon and developed into an independent young adult who is finding his own way in life.

The pair shares more than just similar looks – they have also collaborated professionally. In 2019, Jake launched his own rosé wine brand called Hampton Water with Jon as one of its partners. The venture was a success, earning critical acclaim and even a spot on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines List. Read more…


Jake Bongiovi age may be the son of a rockstar legend, but he is carving out his own path in life. From growing up in New Jersey to pursuing higher education at Syracuse University and actively participating in his father’s philanthropic efforts, Jake Bongiovi has shown that he is more than just Jon Bon Jovi’s son.

While some may argue that being born into privilege gives one an unfair advantage, it is clear that Jake Bongiovi has used his opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around him. As he continues to grow and mature, we can only expect great things from this bright young man.

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