Importance of Somerville Street Cleaning: Our City Beautiful

Welcome to our blog post on the importance of Somerville street cleaning – a topic that is often overlooked, but crucial for maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of our city. From discarded wrappers and cigarette butts to fallen leaves and debris, the streets of Somerville can quickly become cluttered with unsightly litter. However, regular street cleaning not only improves the aesthetic appeal of our community, it also has numerous benefits for our health and well-being. So let’s dive in to explore why keeping our streets clean is so important!

Somerville Street Cleaning: History

Somerville Street Cleaning is a centuries-old tradition that takes place every spring and fall. The purpose of the cleaning is to keep our city beautiful, and it’s an important part of the community spirit.

The first mention of Street Cleaning comes from an 1848 edition of The Commonwealth Magazine. At the time, Perkins Street was the only thoroughfare in Somerville and it needed constant attention due to its poor condition. A group of residents found themselves working together to clean up the street once a month, and the tradition continued until 1940.

In 1984, a new group of residents got together and decided to start a spring cleaning campaign. They named their organization Somerville Street Cleaners (SSC), and they continue to organize the event today. SSC volunteers spend hours picking up litter, sweeping sidewalks, and removing graffiti. In addition, they plant trees, install flowers, and clean storm drains.

Keeping our city beautiful is an ongoing process that requires dedication from everyone in our community. Thanks to SSC volunteers, we can keep our streets looking great year-round!

Somerville Street Cleaning: How It Works

Street Cleaning is a community service that helps keep our city beautiful.

The process of Somerville Cleaning begins by receiving a request from the City’s Maintenance Department. The Maintenance Department evaluates the location and looks for any litter or debris that may need to be cleaned up. Next, Neighborhood Watch volunteers are contacted to designate one volunteer per block to clean on Saturdays during the spring, summer, and fall months. Volunteers meet at predetermined times and locations to clean their assigned blocks.

Overall, Street Cleaning helps keep our streets clean and free of litter. It also allows Neighborhood Watch volunteers to get involved in community service and help make their neighborhood a more pleasant place to live.

Street Cleaning: Benefits

Street Cleaning is an important part of keeping our city beautiful. Not only does it keep the street clean and free from nuisances, but it also beautifies the area. The benefits of having a regular Street Cleaning program are innumerable, and they go beyond just looking tidy. Here are just a few:

-It Keeps the Street Clean: Street Cleaning keeps the street clean and free of debris, which makes it more safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

-It Beautifies the Area: A well-maintained street can be aesthetically pleasing, contributing to a feeling of security and wellbeing in the area.

-It Encourages People to Be Active: A clean street is visually stimulating, encouraging people to get out and about. It also makes public areas more inviting for businesses, which in turn stimulates economic development.

By taking advantage of Street Cleaning services, we can all help keep our city looking its best!

Somerville Cleaning: What You Can Do to Help

Somerville cleaning is an important part of keeping our city beautiful. Not only does it help keep the sidewalks clean and free from debris, but it also helps to remove graffiti and litter. There are a few things that you can do in order to help make Somerville street cleaning more effective.

One thing that you can do is to keep your garbage disposed of in the appropriate containers. This not only helps reduce the amount of litter on the streets, but it also keeps Somerville street cleaners from having to pick up your trash.

You can also help by reporting any graffiti or debris that you see on Somerville streets. This will help ensure that these issues are addressed as quickly as possible. Read more…


Keeping Somerville looking beautiful is important to us all. From keeping our streets clean and free of litter, to keeping our parks tidy and green, we all play a role in making our city look its best. That’s why it’s so important that we all pitch in and help out with regular street cleaning. Not only does this make our city more inviting for visitors, but it also helps keep the community healthy by reducing potential exposure to harmful toxins. If you can spare a few minutes each week to help us keep Somerville clean, please do!

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